Pioneering the internet's biggest social growth platforms.

What we do

We develop web applications and platforms aimed to help creators reach out to more people.

The Pioneers behind Click.DJ

Founded & created Click.DJ: the first of its kind Social Music Marketing application used by some of the world's biggest music labels, DJs, and producers.
Now, after years of being the most popular music marketing application on the internet: it's so much more. Click here for more information.

Welcome To The Future

Stay ahead of the game with MacroWish Web Apps. We always keep our platforms up to date with the latest technologies. HTML5, Node JS, PHP 7, and Next-Gen Javascript frameworks. We implement every modern technology in order to keep our applications functioning like you'd expect them to in this day and age.

Growth Apps

One of the internet's leading developers in making the most effective Social Growth & Marketing apps.


No device left behind. We optimize our applications to work with mobile, desktop, and even Smart TVs.

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